• What is concrete grinding?
    • Concrete grinding is a method of repairing uneven concrete surfaces by using the existing concrete slab. FLATLINE CONCRETE GRINDING uses a wet grinding approach, thereby avoiding the possibility of excessive dust, a toxic and invasive result of dry grinding.

  • How does the process work?
    • Prior to grinding we protect your walls and surrounding areas, then we utilize industrial walk behind wet grinders to flatten your slab. After grinding vacuums are used to pick up the resulting slurry and remove it.

  • Why use concrete grinding?
    • Concrete grinding is a fast and less expensive method used to repair concrete surfaces as compared to concrete replacement.  Having your concrete slab flat is paramount to having a successful floor installation. An uneven slab can create costly and frustrating problems with your hardwood and tile, ie unsightly cracks, squeaking floors, hollow areas, etc.

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