• What is a trip hazard?
    • Trip hazards are defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as a vertical change of 1/4” or more at a joint or crack. Trip hazards can be costly.  Property owners pay out millions of dollars in lawsuits every year. The good news is that FLATLINE CONCRETE GRINDING can scarify your trip hazards quickly and efficiently.

  • What is scarifying?
    • A scarifying machine applies carbide tipped cutting wheels to the concrete surface. We can leave a clean, textured or roughened finish, depending on your preference. Scarifiers are also referred to as planers, milling machines or rotary cutters.

  • Why should I scarify my trip hazards?
    • Scarifying is a less expensive method to repair trip hazards compared to concrete replacement.

Important things you should know.

  • Scarifying is NOISY. You should make sure to book us at a time when your neighbors or residents are least likely to be disturbed.
  • Most of our clients prefer we leave a rough finish compared to a polished appearance. This provides traction when wet.
  • Scarifyed concrete can stand out somewhat at first but it doesn’t take long for the elements to neutralize its appearance allowing it to blend in. The ADA Act defines a trip hazard as a 1/4” variance.  That is about the thickness of an old fashioned yellow pencil.

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